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I've carved out this special space on the web for my fellow women of color in the BIPOC community navigating the rollercoaster of donor conception and all things involving 3rd party reproduction. Our experiences, challenges, and stories are unique, and they deserve a platform that understands and celebrates that.

Whether you're just beginning this journey or have been trekking for a while, know that this is a place where your voice and journey are seen and valued. I've not only gathered insightful articles but also a toolkit tailored to our shared experiences. From books that resonate with our stories to handy digital resources and tangible products, everything here is curated with one heartfelt goal: to support you as you step closer to that magical moment of holding your baby.

Oh, and before you dive in, I've got a little something for you: a set of 12 affirmation cards designed to uplift and empower you on this journey. Trust me, they're a game-changer.

Get to know me

I'm ShaRhonda. Like many of you, I found myself on the path of building a family through donor eggs. My journey began with countless hours on the internet, hopping from one website to another, seeking a comprehensive resource. When I couldn't find one, I turned to Facebook, immersing myself in groups centered around donor eggs and donor conception. Night after night, I'd scroll, searching for someone who looked like me, someone who could guide me through the maze of emotions and decisions.

But there was a void. A noticeable absence of a large community of women who looked like me, felt like me. So, I took a leap of faith and started a small online community, which blossomed beautifully over time.

My path to motherhood hasn't been without its heartaches. With two early miscarriages and a failed transfer, I've felt the weight of longing and loss. Yet, even without my rainbow baby, there's this unyielding drive within me – a calling to guide and uplift others towards the dream of motherhood, in all its forms.

This community, our community, has been my anchor. As you explore, you'll see photos of real mamas who, through various forms of donor conception, have realized their dreams. The radiant babies you see? They're donor-conceived too. This representation is intentional. Not to trigger, but to inspire hope, to show that just like them, with resilience and support, you too will succeed.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey. Remember, we're in this together, and we won't rest until WE GET OUR BABY!

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